Monmouth Park Charity Fund

Funding local charities since 1946

Grant Programs

Through strong leadership and the support of our donors, Monmouth Park Charity Fund provides four different Grant Programs to non-profit organizations for specific programs/projects serving the residents of Monmouth County.  Each grant program has unique eligibility guidelines and grants are thoroughly reviewed and vetted for program impact and fiscal integrity. Our Traditional Legacy Grants Program reflects our founding mission.

Aligning with the mission of MPCF grants are given in one of the 5 service areas as listed below:

  1. Health/Medical/Wellness: Projects or programs that improve the physical and/or mental well-being of people living in Monmouth County.
  2. Children and Families: Projects or programs whose focus is to strengthen the lives of children and families living in Monmouth County
  3. Education: Projects or programs that advance or improve learning opportunities for children and/or adults living in Monmouth County.
  4. Basic Needs: Projects or programs that meet basic needs for everyday living such as housing & housing needs, and food insecurity for residents living in Monmouth County
  5. Special Populations: Projects or programs that meet critical needs for special populations living in Monmouth County.

Our Traditional Grants Program

How Does Our Organization​ Apply For A Grant?