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A Storied History of Giving: The Monmouth Park Charity Fund

In 1946, a group led by the late Amory L. Haskell of Middletown embarked on a bold mission: to revive the long-abandoned Monmouth Park Racetrack. After 50 years of silence, the iconic track was poised to become a vibrant heart of Monmouth County once again.

Under the leadership of Haskell, Philip H. Iselin, Reeve Schley, Joseph M. Roebling, Townsend B. Martin, John MacDonald, and James Cox Brady, the Monmouth Park Jockey Club was born. Iselin played a pivotal role, serving as chairman of the construction committee and treasurer of the club. He would later take over as president after Haskell’s passing.

A Tradition of Gratitude

Haskell and Iselin, deeply appreciative of Monmouth County’s support in reviving the racetrack, decided to give back. They assembled a committee of 15 local women to plan a grand Charity Ball and Carnival at Monmouth Park. The proceeds from this inaugural event in 1947 would be directed towards local charitable causes, marking the genesis of a tradition that continues to this day through the Monmouth Park Charity Fund.

Formalizing the Effort

On July 21, 1947, the Monmouth Park Charity Fund was officially incorporated as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Betty Iselin, Philip’s wife, became the first president of the Charity Ball Committee, a position she held for an extraordinary 50 years. Haskell’s daughters, Anne Haskell Ellis and Hope Haskell Jones, also played crucial roles, actively involved in fundraising for over three decades. Hope Haskell Jones remains an active member of the Fund today.

Enduring Partnerships

For decades, the Monmouth Park Charity Fund enjoyed the unwavering support of the Monmouth Park Racetrack administration. When the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority purchased the track in 1986, they graciously continued to back the Fund’s endeavors. Today, under the management of the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (NJTHA), Monmouth Park Racetrack maintains its commitment to supporting the Fund’s mission.

A Legacy of Generosity

Since its inception, the Monmouth Park Charity Fund has made a profound impact on Monmouth County. Hundreds of charitable organizations have received grants, totaling $10,517,447 in contributions to date. These funds have directly benefited countless residents across the county, supporting crucial services related to health, assisting vulnerable individuals, and providing aid to those in need of special services.

Volunteers: The Backbone of Success

The Fund’s success wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of countless volunteers who have tirelessly donated their time and effort for decades. From organizing fundraising events to managing administrative tasks, their passion and enthusiasm are the fuel that drives the Fund forward.

Gratitude and Continued Impact
The Monmouth Park Charity Fund is a testament to the power of community spirit and unwavering dedication. By continuously striving to raise and distribute funds for worthy causes, it has enriched the lives of countless individuals and made Monmouth County a stronger, more caring place. The story of the Fund is not just about reviving a racetrack; it’s about the enduring legacy of giving back and the power of collective action to make a difference.

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Maureen Lloyd, President
Maria Farhat Tanzola, President
Anita Roselle, Vice-President
Barry Shapiro, Vice President
Linda Sirico, Secretary
Matthew Holman, Treasurer
Nona Balaban, Racetrack Liaison

Board of Trustees

Denise Anderson, Ph.D.
Raymond R. Curnew. Jr.
Warren Diamond
Jennifer Diehl
Tom Donovan
Thomas Hayes
John Klein
Stephen J. Pagano
Gina Petillo
Jeanne Wall
*Honorary Board Member
Sandy Mullany

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