Applying for a Grant

Monmouth Park Charity Fund: A Pillar of Support for Monmouth County's Well-being

Since 1946, Monmouth Park Charity Fund has stood as a cornerstone of Monmouth County’s social fabric, unwavering in its dedication to the health and well-being of all residents. Driven by a core mission to empower local non-profits, the Fund channels vital resources to organizations providing critical healthcare services, supporting vulnerable individuals, and fostering enriching opportunities for those in need.

Through its flagship Traditional Grants Program, Monmouth Park Charity Fund champions transparency and inclusivity. By offering an open application process, the Fund ensures that a diverse range of non-profits have access to the crucial financial support they need to make a transformative difference in Monmouth County.

This unwavering commitment has yielded remarkable results. Over the years, the Fund has proudly distributed millions of dollars, enabling countless non-profit organizations to expand their reach, enhance their services, and ultimately, uplift the lives of countless individuals across the community.

Monmouth Park Charity Fund releases its RFP (request for proposals) in May of each year.  To be eligible to receive a grant the organization must:

For agencies funded in the prior year, a link to the google forms application will be automatically sent to the agency for renewal consideration.  It is the agency’s responsibility to provide MPCF with any changes in contact information to ensure receipt of current applications.

If an agency has not been funded in the prior year and would like to apply they must send an email request for an application between January 1st and May 1st to Debi Heptig  and include:

Any inquiries made after May 1st will be placed on a list for a grant application the following year.

Completed Grants and attachments are due as listed on the application. Between July and August site visits are made as needed (any new applicant will receive a site visit)

Sometime in September any organization who submitted a grant will be notified whether they will be receiving a grant.  Specific grant amounts are not made available until:

November is when MPCF holds its Annual Roberta Fox Distribution of Funds Tea and grant checks are distributed. A representative from the grantee organization must attend in order to receive their grant award.

Additional special grants may be made available during the year and announcements will be posted.

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