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2023 Accomplish More Together Grantees​

Girls Scouts of the Jersey Shore with Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide - Summer Camp Take Over ​​

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore will partner with Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide to bring their signature program, Lead U, to GSJS’s Camp Sacajawea for “Summer Camp Take Over”. As part of this program, girls will earn GSJS’s new Mental Health badge which guides girls to become proficient in topic areas surrounding mental wellness. Additionally, the partnership will develop materials and trainings for parents, staff, and volunteers of GSJS in their efforts to assist girls in maintaining positive mental health outcomes long after the Summer Camp Take Over concludes. With approximately 160 girls participating during the final week of camp when the “Summer Camp Take Over” will take place, this program will bring leadership training, resiliency skills, and overall mental health support training to a population shown to struggle disproportionately with anxiety and mental health issues. The goal of “Summer Camp Take Over” is to both provide life changing mental health programming to the girls in camp as well as support the framework they will ret urn to once the school year starts. This includes providing their guardians with follow up tools, their Girl Scout troop leaders activities f or their troop, and training for Girl Scout staff on how to incorporate some of the major lessons of the week in ou r activities throughout the year.

New Jersey Blind Citizens with Lunchbreak, No Limits Cafe, YMCA, SCAN - Blinds on the GOOOO! ​

By participating in “Blinds on the G000!” NJBCA members will broaden their life and learning experiences and provide them with the opportunity to have new and interesting interactions and conversations with their families, caregivers and people in the community. Partnering with other area charities, we will continue to work with Lunchbreak on providing free meals and fresh vegetables for our Campers to take home with them; No Limits Cafe to provide our Campers with lunch and activities as well as a different place to visit and learn, at YMCA in Red Bank we will rent aquatic space for our members to participate in water aerobics and be part of the national initiative of the Council for the Blind to get blind and visually impaired more active and healthier. At SCAN we will integrate our members into some of their wonderful programs. We will also be looking for other venues to provide creative and educational programs for our Campers in order to introduce them to new things and reduce isolation.

Social Justice at Trinity with EM-power me​

will facilitate “Remote Employment for Individuals Re-entering the Workforce”. This pilot project will give unemployed formerly incarcerated people opportunities to attain remote employment by providing basic computer training and access to a shared workspace with necessary equipment (computer, internet access, desk). EM-POWER ME works with clients that were formerly incarcerated. Social Justice at Trinity works with clients experiencing homelessness or housing instability, many of whom were formerly incarcerated. Our goal is to team up to provide our clients a secure and safe location with required equipment to learn basic computer and remote work skills. Participants will benefit from receiving job coaching and training to help them come up to speed with commonly used software that will lead to confidence and competencies for employment. One employed our counselors will also help with housing and overcoming other re-entry hurdles. Participants will have a counselor to work with to mitigate obstacles to becoming successfully reintegrated into their community.